We share and transfer knowledge with our partners during all project phases

Knowledge Generation - the base for sharing

The AIT system experts from ADT Project Consulting have built over the years as a core element of our AIT systems services and products a very comprehensive Knowledge Base (KB). This Knowledge Base contains the accumulated and systematized knowledge and experience of all the factors and elements that make up an Animal Identification and Traceability System.
We know all technical, economical, financial, social, logistical, organisational and legal factors that are decisive for understanding existing systems and for most efficiently changing existing systems or building new systems from the scratch.

Knowledge Base of all relevant aspects of AIT systems

  • Animal Health
  • Food Safety
  • Animal Welfare
  • Environmental Degradation/Pollution
  • Conservation of Animal Genetic Diversity
  • Stock Theft
  • Herd management/ production recording
  • Breeding
  • Sector Governance and legal framework

Creation of country specific knowledge base in short time

Sharing of experiences between partners is understood as an essential and important measure to improve existing AIT systems and to develop additional features. This will be facilitated by an internal partner forum provided through the ATS platform as well as international meetings and workshops for partners.

  • Knowledge sharing with our clients starts right from the beginning of a project. During the joint elaboration of the country specific knowledge base we introduce and train the key stakeholders into approach, methodology and structure of the knowledge base.
  • Maintenance of the country specific Knowledge Base and the IT solution is provided from time to time according to the needs of the partners.
  • Monitoring of the AIT system performance is facilitated by horizontal and vertical evaluations with pre-agreed parameters.