What we offer

AIT Systems Consulting

We support our clients with their AIT Systems at all stages and on all levels

AIT Systems Consulting

We develop fully customised AIT applications for the specific conditions of each country, organisation and purpose. 

AIT Systems Consulting

We manage projects of any size and budget. ATS has managed and implemented successfully over 100 projects during the past 25 years.

How we work

Client oriented

ATS is sharing and transferring over twenty years of knowledge and expertise with its clients for developing and building sustainable AIT systems.

We know all technical, economical, financial, social, logistical, organisational and legal factors that are decisive for understanding existing systems and for most efficiently changing existing systems or building new systems from the scratch.


ATS combines top level AIT system expertise and a huge and flexible knowledge base with smart software architecture and open source modules.

Our long experience assures smooth, fast and clear communication between AIT system experts, Software experts and the client.

Result oriented

With tools like “Business Process Model and Notation” (BPMN 2.0) we assure clear and exact ‘translation’ of complex real world information into our AIT Application.

Our extensive Project Management experience assures full transparency and control at any stage of the project.

Where we work - Project References