Understanding AIT systems - the three core elements 'Holdings', 'Animals' and 'Animal Movement'

Asking the right questions leads the way to the best solution

  • Which types of identification devices will be used?
  • Will it be individual and / or group identification?
  • What will be the timing of first registration of an animal?
  • How will the animal inventory be implemented?
  • Will there be applied an animal document or a holding / establishment register?

We know how to ask, whom to ask and what to ask. The right questions will shape out very fast the outline, the structure and the dimension of the needed system

AIT Systems - functionalities and fields of application

We design tailor made AIT Systems with adapted functionalities for the specific needs of each client

Members and stakeholders of the value chain:
• producers
• input suppliers
• traders
• slaughter enterprises
• product processors
• wholesale and retail traders

National, regional and international public authorities and stakeholders:
• the competent veterinary and food safety authorities
• livestock and support services as well as their regional and global organizations (OIE, WHO, FAO, WTO, ICAR and others)

Identification and involvement of all relevant stakeholders is key to successfully developing and setting up an efficient and sustainable AIT System.