Reference information and tools

The  reference information and tools  included are divided into six different spaces as given below:

1 Reference Information

  • Register of Terms and Abbreviations
  • Register of Terms on the Economics of AIT
  • Overview on standard setting organizations relevant for AIT

2 Tools for identifiying the most effective AIT system

  • Review of the purposes of  of AIT on different areas, i.e. animal health, production management, animal theft, animal welfare, sector governance, climate change
  • Review of technical requirements to be considered in the relevant areas
  • Analysis of international requirements (legislation, standards)
  • Cost calculations of AIT systems and relevant components
  • Principal types and approach for specifying the AIT system design

3 Tools for specifying AIT information systems

  • Standards for the definition of the Functional Requirements
    • Business Processes
    • Code Sets
    • Use Cases
    • Date elements
    • Business Rules
    • Manuals and Checklists to specify detailed technical requirements

4 Tools for preparing AIT systems

  • Draft legislation
    • Guidance to legal drafting
    • Main components of the legal base for AIT
    • Standard legal text and provisions
    • Derogations

5 Tools for supporting the implementation of AIT systems

  • Road map for the planning of an AIT system
  • Training Material
  • Templates for instructions for relevant stakeholders

6 Tools for analysing the performance of AIT systems

  • Audit of AIT legislation, business processes, the implemented software solution, the AIT database including a risk-based field inspection
  • Audit of field operation, IT system architecture,  IT system operation,  organisation of the AIT system and the costs and contribution of stakeholders