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Project description The Animal Identification and Traceability Solution Platform
Origin of funding Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection, Federal office for Agriculture and Food
Name of Client Federal office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
Period 10/2011 - 03/2014
Overall project value 747,583
Proportion carried out
No of staff provided 5
Name of partners, if any  
Project description

As a result of more than 10 years of experience in the planning and the implementation of animal traceability systems gained in more than 10 countries worldwide ADT Projekt GmbH and Unternehmensberatung Dr. Karb GmbH are establishing a new platform, the Animal Traceability and Solution Platform (ATSP). The development of the platform is supported by the German Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection within their innovation program managed by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food. The going-public of the platform is planned for spring 2012.

The platform targets to all organizations and institutions involved in the planning, implementation or operation of animal traceability systems. The objective is to provide technical assistance and to share experience between partners. The platform is developed and maintained by an international network of senior consultants who have been involved in traceability projects in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia.

The objective of the platform is to provide assistance which leads to an efficient process for the planning, preparation and implementation of a system for animal identification and traceability including the relevant information system. Relevant parts of the knowledgebase customized and adapted in the course of a technical assistance project will be handed over to the customer at project end. In addition the customer receives a customized software in order to run the information system on his infrastructure. Software modules are consist8ing of a so called core components and country specific adaptations

Type of Services provided
  • Development and compilation of technical modules for the knowledge base with the following contents:
    • A Wikipedia of technical terms
    • International standards, legal requirements and legislation for animal identification and traceability
    • Data dictionary and description of core processes
    • Implementation tools and training material
    • Identification means
  • Application of the developed platform in a pilot region in Tanzania
  • Revision and optimization of the service package



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