Ref 8 Montenegro II


Project description Animal Identification and Registration (I&R) Montenegro Phase II
Origin of funding EU CARDS
Name of Client Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM)
Period 08/2009 – 05/2011
Overall project value 933,051.00 EUR
Proportion carried out
No of staff provided 3
Name of partners, if any Institut de l'Elevage
Project description

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to improve food safety standards of animal origin.

The purpose of this contract is to strengthen and expand the concept, system design and implementation plan for an integrated animal I&R and Veterinary Information System (VIS) in line with EU standards to comprise the bovine, ovine and caprine species, with the possibility of future expansion to other animal species.

The project aims to strengthen the recently started bovine I&R system, expand the system to sheep and goats and develop a Veterinary Information System (VIS) including animal disease surveillance. The scope of the Consultant's work is technical assistance and institution building support.

Type of Services provided

The project is divided into five main components according to the results:

  • Strengthen the bovine I&R system, expand the system to the ovine and caprine species, design a veterinary information system (VIS) including detailed implementation, staffing and financial plans and obtain approval for this system

  • Procurement of IT equipment, supplies and services and securing its delivery, installation and operation

  • Create awareness with stakeholders and the general public of the expanded I&R and VI systems, make all participants fully aware of their obligations and provide training on their duties in the system. Create visibility of EU assistance

  • Make the I&R system for bovine, ovine and caprine species fully operational and accessible for other agricultural databases

  • Make the planned VIS operational with respect to I&R of the bovine, ovine and caprine species and veterinary disease surveillance



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