Ref 7 Montenegro I


Project description Development and Implementation of an animal identification system in Republic of Montenegro
Origin of funding EU CARDS
Name of Client Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM)
Period 03/2006 -03/2008
Overall project value 960,752 EUR
Proportion carried out
by ADT
No of staff provided 20
Name of partners,
if any
GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)
Project description

The overall objectives of the project were to

(1) improve the development of the livestock sector in Montenegro ensuring the protection of animal health and control of veterinary public health and to

(2) facilitate the introduction of an EU-compliant food safety control system for products of animal origin enabling full traceability of all animal movements (stable-to-table approach).

The specific objective included the development of a concept, system design and implementation plan for an integrated animal I&R and veterinary surveillance network. The project had to create a computerised register of cattle holdings that meets current EU standards and that forms a model for future extension to other livestock. The holding register has to be usable for different agricultural management databases. Further, an integrated system of identification and registration of cattle in line with EU standards had to be implemented. The computerised system should include comprehensive recording of all births, deaths, slaughters and movements, and should have the capacity to interface with other agricultural systems so as to avoid duplication of data collection.

Type of Services provided
  • Assist the MAFWM to develop and implement a national policy and strategy for animal I&R and movement control
  • Drafting of an Animal I&R Law
  • Preparation of system design and operating procedures
  • Supply of equipment and materials
  • Preparation of a communications strategy and training
  • Initial holding and animal registration and ongoing operation of the system



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