Ref 6 Macedonia II


Macedonia II
Project description National Animal Identification Programme, Phase II
Origin of funding European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR)
Name of Client The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry of Macedonia
Period 11/2004 - 04/2007
Overall project value 984,534 EUR
Proportion carried out
by ADT 
No of staff provided 11
Name of partners, if any GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Germany
Project description

The project consisted of three components:

1. Completion of the bovine I&R system in line with relevant EU and FYR Macedonian legislation including all components at field level and in the central database. (The target was to achieve that more than 90% of the cattle population are tagged, identified, registered and their movements recorded.)

2. Preparation of a detailed concept, system design and implementation plan for extending the present I&R system to ovine and caprine animals in line with EU legal requirements; harmonization of the relevant legislation; design of a small ruminant holding census; establishment of a sheep and goat holding register.

3. Preparation of a concept, system design and implementation plan for developing an integrated animal I&R and veterinary surveillance network, including agreed solution, technical design, workflow and information flow, data model and tender documents for procurement of all system components; elaboration of a veterinary information system for all ruminants at the individual holding, herd/flock and animal level; the design should have taken into account the future development of other VD and Ministry systems such as a complete animal holding register (pigs and others), concept of farm register (integrated for all farms or separate animal farm register), integrated administration and control system (IACS) and GIS.

Type of Services provided
  • Provision of hands on management assistance to first tagging and registration of all cattle, updating of holding information, entry and validation of data on the central data base.
  • Assist in planning and monitoring of first tagging which will took three to five months during the winter period when cattle are housed in stables.
  • Identify needs, design and provide further training as required for farmers, slaughterhouse operators, field veterinarians, inspectors, and central HQ staff
  • Support to establish a functioning and sustainable I&R Unit
  • Design and introduce computer based budgeting and accounting system for I&R operations and develop a financing concept to make I&R system operations progressively independent from the treasury from 2007 onwards
  • Prepare a realistic concept in compliance with EU requirements relating to sheep and goat I&R
  • Preparation of an implementation strategy, including: procurement timetable, hardware and software installation and testing programme, training requirements, awareness and publicity campaigns
  • Define additional software functions required by the Veterinary Directorate for both I&R and veterinary surveillance



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