Project Management

In principle an AIT project should cover the complete cycle from need assessment to the on-going operation in the field. Ideally it should consist of three main phases A. Analysis and Planning, B. Preparation and C. Implementation and Roll-out (please find below a model for a project management plan). This modus operandi is close to a turn-key solution as it provides a consistent approach through all phases of the project where legal and technical needs are exactly transformed into business requirements for the AIT application and the AIT application shall perform accordingly.

If there is already an AIT system in place a project may start with an audit of the existing system to assess the need for adaptation. In such a case technical requirements may be identified in benchmarking the performance of the existing system with data in the field as well as with previous expectations or similar systems and then to decide whether to improve the existing or to replace it by a new one.

It is expected that in most cases the utilization of the ATS platform is linked to a technical assistance project where certain or major parts of the ATS platform are considered as useful for an effective and efficient co-operation between beneficiaries, donors and consultants. 





Analysis and Planning



Analysis of legal and technical requirements (i.e. production systems, prevalence of animal diseases, organization of veterinary and livestock services, infrastructure for trade and marketing) and assessment of existing components, devices and tools for Animal identification and traceability in a country

 AIT Experts, Beneficiary


Planning of the AIT system (legal requirements, system design, principle operating procedures, cost planning and financing)

 AIT Experts , IT Experts,  Beneficiary


Analysis of actual IT solution and IT infrastructure of the Government where the system should be placed

 IT Experts, Beneficiary


Analysis of integration/linkage with other information systems (veterinary information system, livestock recording, premium payment and others)

 AIT Experts, Beneficiary





Elaboration of business processes in BPMN notation

 AIT Experts, IT Experts


Detailed preparation of the system: legislation, instructions, manuals, specification for procurement

 IT Experts, Beneficiary


Adaptation and customization of the application

 IT Experts


Implementation and Roll-out



Installation and test of the application; initiation of the application for production

 IT Experts, AIT Experts, Beneficiary


Training of users and technical assistance to the roll-out of the system

 AIT Experts, Local trained Experts


On-going technical assistance and support for at least a further three years

 AIT Experts, IT Experts