IT Solutions

-No Reinvention of the Wheel-

Responding to the challenges of modern IT solutions we are in favour of integrating an AIT software into a frame of infrastructure components instead of developing a stand-alone AIT software. With this approach it is possible to take advantage of well established software components such as geographical information systems, document management systems, reporting systems or portals. This allows to focus on the pure needs of an animal identification and traceability system since the common functionality such as user management, management of privileges,  document management  or reporting can be provided by the corresponding products.

In order to reduce the license costs we recommend cost free open source products which are supporting open IT standards.

From the end user point of view it is not transparent that he/she is operating with different software components. This is due to a seamless integration of the different products on basis of open IT standards.

The integration of AIT software modules into a frame of well established infrastructure components is the key for sustainability and further development since these infrastructure components are being improved continuously according to the mainstream of future ICT development. Therefore the efforts for keeping the AIT system up to date are reduced to a minimum.