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Innovative IT Concepts

When looking at an AIT system as a whole including all field operations and activities at the central level the AIT software is only one of many elements which are  needed for the operation of a national AIT system.

The role of the AIT software is to collect information from the field, process the information and provide it to decision makers or to other IT systems active in Sector governance. In many cases the AIT software has to interact with already existing systems such as farm registers or veterinary information systems.

The AIT system has to support various manners of data collection (from paper forms to electronical data exchange) and various manners of presenting information (from printouts to real time data analysis on demand) to the different stakeholders.
Nevertheless the AIT software must facilitate primarily the daily work of all stakeholders involved by modern means of ICT (information and communication technology).

At the end the acceptance of the user determines the success or failure of any kind of software system. Therefore our goal is to support the development of an AIT software system which will provide up to date and real benefits to all user groups.

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