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What kind of cost calculations can be applied on AIT systems?

Cost calculations can be conducted in different directions, such as:

  • Comparisons of different options for technical devices and operational procedures, for example:
    • Comparison of different identification devices (electronic ear tag, bolus, conventional ear tags)
    • Comparison of different technical devices for data capture (paper, handhelds, mobiles, tablets)
    • Comparison of different operational procedures (who is tagging the animal, re-tagging strategies)
  • Calculation of indirect costs of stakeholders to comply with the system
    • Labor costs, Working time
    • Communication and transport costs
    • Penalties and sanctions
  • Calculation of AIT system cost (total costs for the public side including central AIT unit, information system and inspection)
  • Calculation of total cost of an AIT system (including cost of stakeholders to comply with the system)

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Dr. Ferdinand Schmitt

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  • Analysis of legal and technical requirements for AIT
  • Drafting of AIT legislation
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