Benefits for Partners

The introduction of an AIT system demands precise planning and a well designed implementation process in order to put the system in operation within the given time and cost frame. Our partners benefit directly from the introduction of the AIT system since we are following a clear and transparent approach.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Planning of AIT systems taking into account experiences in more than 10 countries worldwide 
  • Introduction of AIT systems at a given cost and time frame
  • Access to a network of international senior AIT experts
  • Access to our AIT knowledge base which contains all documents and definitions related to AIT
  • Access to our tool space which contains all tools necessary for the planing and the operation of a national AIT system
  • Continuous monitoring of productive AIT systems using a proven methodology  for benchmarking and quality improvements
  • Sharing of knowledge between different partners
  • Moderate fees for consulting services

The operation of national AIT systems requires continous monitoring and improvement to keep the system sustained. We offer specific follow up services taylormade for the routine operation of an AIT system.