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Who will be responsible to carry out the workload of the AIT implementation and routine operation in the field?  

There are several possibilities as to who can be responsible for the implementation and routine operation of the AIT system in the field.
  1. The first option would be that employees of the Competent Authority (official veterinary- or veterinary para-professionals, referred to as official veterinarian) shall undertake most of the work in the field.This would include the registration of establishments, identification and registration of livestock and the registration of all relevant livestock movements. Farmers would have to report to the responsible professional who will then enter the event to the database. However, this can be seen as the most expensive option and difficult to achieve, as official veterinarians and veterinary para-professionals would be overloaded with additional work on top of their normal routine work.
  2. Another option would be to include private veterinarians, which would spread the workload between more personnel.
  3. However, a third option should be considered as preferential: Keepers of larger establishments or keepers with the appropriate knowledge and facilities (e.g. computer and internet access), may be permitted to undertake the majority of tasks required in the scope of an AIT system. 

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